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Downloading files?
Using your real IP address will get you in trouble

Your ISP and copyright trolls can catch you for illegal downloading by tracing your IP address. Use VPN to protect yourself.
Stream, game, and download anonymously!

Download without limits

Hundreds of special servers for file sharing ensures a safe and smooth download. No traffic throttling or speed limits when downloading or streaming.

Enjoy true privacy

You deserve privacy and a shield from snoopers. With strict no-logs policy only you can see the files you download and the websites you visit.

Access streaming

Get secure access to your favorite websites and entertainment content. Forget about geo-blocks and censorship. Enjoy streaming without restrictions.

Don't get caught downloading

Fines are huge when downloading copyright protected files. Movie studios are known for coming after the little guy. Prevent lawsuits by hiding your real location.

Law firms and other copyright trolls are more than happy to send out threatening letters to unsuspecting internet subscribers, demanding a compensation. It's a new extortion scheme that you can and must protect yourself from.

Stay anonymous online

Advertisers, ISPs, hackers – all of them are on a hunt for your private browsing data. If you want to download and share files in privacy, use VPN to enjoy peace of mind.

VPN protects you from all kinds of snooping and lets you stay truly private online. Hide your identity, browsing history and downloads with a remote IP address and strong encryption.

Hide your location

Every time you go online without a VPN you're exposing your computer's IP address and location. All websites you visit can identify you and log your visit.

VPN hides your location by routing your Internet traffic through a remote server and replace your real IP address. This way, your ISP and copyright trolls can’t track what you do online, and you can download files risk-free.

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